Relocating to Long Island? There’s No Place Better!

Long Island is a diverse network of numerous townships, towns, villages and hamlets within two counties; Nassau and Suffolk. images Each town boasts it’s own unique characteristics, schools, geographical highlights and attractions.  From the white sandy beaches of the South Shore, to the waterfront of the North Shore, Long Island has it all.

Uniqueness and charm varies, however the draw is magnetic. Highlighting some of these locations are the South Shore towns of Baldwin Harbor, Long Beach and Oceanside, as well as North Shore’s St. James and  exclusive spots, as Sand Point, Old Westbury, Brookville, Mill Neck and Muttontown.

Not to be overlooked is the Township of Huntington. Comprised of numerous incorporated and unincorporated areas.  Included in this group are the Village of Huntington, Cold Spring Harbor, Lloyd Harbor, Lloyd Neck, Centerport, Huntington Bay, Northport, East Northport, Greenlawn, Fort Salonga, Dix Hills, Melville, Huntington Station and  South Huntington …. Each unique…Each a great place to call home!

imagesThere is an endless list of reasons to move to Long Island.  How do spectacular beaches sound?  How about amazing wineries, imageleft_homepageawesome cultural attractions, numerous parks for hiking, biking and exploring, museums, boating, golf, Gold Coast Mansions…?

Whether searching for prime waterfront property, waterview vistas to Connecticut, the perfect equestrian estate, vineyards, family communities or award-winning school districts, it can all be found on this beautiful Island.


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The Importance of Your Front Door


The position, design, condition and  shui colors of your front door are all vitally important. This is because the front door is considered to be the “mouth of chi” where vital energy enters and exits your home.

In addition, your front door is where you leave the outside world behind and enter your inner realm or world.  It is an important indicator of how you relate to the world as an individual.  It gives a clear message to the outside world of who you are.

A welcoming and attractive front door with the appropriate feng shui door color will ease the flow of energy, people, money and opportunities into your life.

 S0, What Can You do to Improve the State of your Front Door?

Here are some TIPS for improving the CHI FLOW to the front door or entrance of your home:

  1.        Keep your front door or entrance clear from obstructions such as refuse sacks, trees and kiddie play things. Being the source of chi, you don’t want to block vital energy from entering the home.
  2.        Once inside, don’t block the hallway with numerous slippers, coats, shoes and bags.  Although, it’s a good idea to take shoes off when entering a home to allow cleanliness you should also put them away in a place where they are out of the way. Putting shoes away, also, separates the energy of the outside world from the interior world of your home.
  3.       Be sure that your front door is clearly visible, especially if it is on the side of the house.  You may prevent new opportunities from coming your way, if your front door is not clearly visible.
  4.       Bright lights on either side of the door will lift the energy of the entrance with positive, yang energy.  Chi will be lifted and guest will feel uplifted, if lighting is used in the entrance foyer.
  5.       A solid brass door knocker gives a grip on where you are heading in life..Be sur to keep this polished to deflect negative chi from entering the home.
  6. It is important to keep your mailbox and doorbell in good working order.  These represent your contact with the outside world.  Any problems with these may prevent opportunities from coming your way.
  7.       If your door is peeling or fading, give it fresh paint. A neglected door indicates depleted chi.
  8.       Choose a curving path over a straight one to your front door, as this is symbolic of you going with the flow…the chi has a chance of meandering with the curves. Straight lines quicken the chi flow and overpower the entrance to your home.
  9.       Use your front door.  Don’t be tempted by the garage entry or side door.  By not using the front door, all the positive chi waiting to enter your home has nowhere to go and is wasted and therefore represents wasted opportunities.
  10. Make sure that your front door opens easily and fully. If it does not, this will minimize chi flow.  If you find it difficult to open your front door, you may encounter difficulties in life and miss out on important opportunities.


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